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2018 Year End Champions and Awards Day Info

It’s that time of year again!!!!  Congratulations to all of our District Racing Champions, and Top 5 Racers!  Your commitment and hard work has been amazing!  Please see the list below for all of our awards recipients.

Our awards / fun day will be held on January 26th from 11am to 4pm at Rush Hour Karting – 5335 Raynor Rd, Garner NC 27529.  We will have a buffet style lunch with burgers, hotdogs, coleslaw, chili, baked beans, pasta salad, chips & drinks.  We are renting the facility exclusively and we will have free heat racing for an hour and a half in the morning on the go-karts for 10 adults at a time (15 & up) at a time and 8 Jr’s (ages 8-14) and then a championship race for both and then the same thing in the afternoon.  Unfortunately, ages 7 and under are not permitted to race the go-karts but the facility is allowing them free use of all of the video games and air hockey.

All minors under 18 will need a waiver signed by parents.  You can download and print ahead of time at: (top right of page)

Tickets will be on sale from today until Friday, January 18th:  (no sales at the door)

$25 ages 8 and up

$10 ages 4 – 7

3 and under free

There are two ways to purchase your tickets:  You can mail in your check or money order along with names of everyone in your party and ages that the venue needs ahead of time.  AMA District 29, 900 Cheeks Quarter Rd,  Henderson NC 27537. You can also use Cash App to pay directly using name $AMAD29.  If you use the Cash App method, please email a confirmation with your party’s names & ages and return address for mailing your tickets.


We are really looking forward to this year’s celebration!!

50cc Open 4-8
1st           Eilasha Sausedo
2nd          Jakson Castlebury
3rd           Deegan Hilliard
4th           Jaxsen Lovett
5th           Kali Smith
50cc 4-6 Limited
1st           Jakson Castlebury
2nd          Mason Garza
3rd           Colt Schaeffer
4th           Tanner Cannon
5th           Landon Brandow
50cc 7-8 Limited
1st           Eilasha Sausedo
2nd          Deegan Hilliard
3rd           Keller Deanes
4th           Kali Smith
5th           Jaxsen Lovett
50cc Air Cooled 4-8
1st           Jakson Castlebury
2nd          Chance Carpenter
3rd           Jaxsen Lovett
4th           Matthew Kuritz
5th           Kali Smith
65cc 7-9
1st           Brayden Carpenter
2nd          Weston Hill
65cc 7-11
1st           Brayden Carpenter
2nd          Tyler Tulloss
Mini Open 9-13
1st           Josh Kennedy
2nd          Tyler Tulloss
85cc 12 – 15
1st          Josh Kennedy
Supermini 12-16
1st           William Saville
Women 12+
1st           Rylee Kennedy
Schoolboy 1  12-16
1st           Cory Rogers
2nd          Soyer Beck
3rd           Kiliaen Van Rensselaer
4th           James Jetmar
Schoolboy 2  12-17
1st           Cory Rogers
250 B
1st           Shane Beck
250 C
1st           Kiliaen Van Rensselaer
Open B
1st           Shane Beck
Open C
1st           Soyer Beck
Collegeboy Amateur 14-24
1st           Joseph Neagle
Vet Amateur 25+ B/C
1st           Rip Salomone
25+ Exp
1st           Ryan Jenkins
2nd          Rip Salomone
1st           James Jetmar
2nd          Barry Carpenter
3rd           Matthew Wells

1st           Steve Cavin
2nd          James Jetmar
3rd           Matthew Wells
1st           Dan Koch
2nd          Steve Cavin
3rd           Scott Saville
Unlimited Amateur B/C/D

1st           Shane Beck
2nd          Joseph Neagle
2 Stroke Am 12+
1st           Cory Rogers
2nd          Soyer Beck
3rd           James Jetmar
ATV Beginner

1st           Travis Harvey

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