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District 29 2017 News & Info:

AMA D29 Statement, Info, Changes, Schedule for 2017:
In 1984, a small group of race promoters helped form what we now know as AMA District 29. In 33 years, the district has promoted events in North Carolina and South Carolina and crowned a champion in each class every year. We have seen racers such as Damon Bradshaw, Brock Tickle and most recently Cooper Webb go through the ranks of District Racing on their way to win championships nationally, in MX and SX. All of those riders raced District Racing as a foundation for their national careers. Times have changed a lot since 1984 as you all know with the addition of four stroke motorcycles, training facilities and more youth riders entering the sport just to name a few. The District for the most part has changed with the times to provide organized, fair events in the Carolinas. The rules at a national level, governed by the AMA are enforced at a district level to ensure fair Racing for the MX Community. We are represented by 2 AMA Delegates to Congress and each club (track) chartered in the AMA tries to work together in an organized fashion to create a championship for their riders. This has not always been the case, not only in District 29 but across the country. Regardless, a group known as AMA District 29 once had over 700 members in an annual year. We were one of the most competitive and respected recognized district organizations in the country.

We had over 740 unique AMA members competing in NC and SC events in 2016. (15th in U.S) Less than 100 joined the District. Some say “what does the district do for me”? Your local district has been working hard over the years to make racing better. It’s not just about the awards banquet at the end of the year. We work hard to make sure our class structure mirrors that of the national events, the AMA’s changing structure and neighboring districts and series. We work hard to make sure there is a schedule that works for everyone without conflicts. We record the points all year long so that you can see exactly what you have done in your region regardless if you are running for a championship or not. We take all the phone calls and emails from new riders coming to the area and entering the sport for the first time as well as any other question from current riders. We create family fun, exciting recreational events in your area. And yes, at the end of the year we take all the revenue generated from membership sales and promoter dues and we give it all away in the form of product to the racers! Product and support that you can use for the upcoming year and being recognized amongst your peers for your achievement!! We do all of that and much more as volunteers for the Great Sport of MX!!

Having said that, this year we have 7 tracks on the District 29
Championship Schedule that have vowed to support the district and add more value for their riders. Tracks will be joining together to sell the required memberships as stated in our Supplemental Rules, approved by the AMA and a requirement to race in NC. We have lowered the annual membership fee to $20 for the year and will still offer a “weekend only” pass which will now be $10, a small investment in the Future of our Sport. We have an updated class structure that can be found on our district website at:, with fewer classes which will create more competition, and allow more track time for each moto and all racers. This year’s schedule has 20 events and you must run 12 to qualify for awards. For every 2 cancellations due to weather, we will drop one round.
Thank you and we look forward to a great year of MX Racing and rebuilding local MX!!
Mark Czysz, MX Committee Chairman
AMA District 29 – “Here For A Reason, Not Just A Season!”

October 2016